Sexual Assault PSA Interviews

Bainbridge Community Foundation

A group of community leaders has come together to help educate our community about sexual assault through a series of public service announcements.

With the financial funding of Bainbridge Community Foundation, Bainbridge Youth Services and Kitsap Support Advocacy and Counseling teamed up to create a series of videos to educate the community, parents, and youth regarding sexual assault from the perspective of an expert and resources on what to do if they encounter a situation. Speakers include representatives from BYS, BISD, BIPD, KSAC, and Virginia Mason. Each organization produced a brief video that addresses its role and responsibility when a sexual assault allegation is made. While each organization has a different role and varying legal obligations and constraints, they each play an essential role in supporting the survivors of sexual assault.


Stephen Dearborn

I participated in the making of this video because I want to make a difference. All too often voices of victims are silenced by shame, fear, and hopelessness. Messages such as these can restore hope and give survivors access to the resources that they need to heal. We are here, we believe you, and we’re ready to help!"

Virginia Mason

Kate Espy

These videos are important so victims and family/friends of victims know where to go for help. It is essential that the public know about the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program and what services we offer, so I jump at any opportunity to share"


Kelsey Lynch (BIPD)

These videos are a great way to help educate the community about the processes of a sexual assault investigation and the roles of the different agencies involved. Reporting can be very scary, but my hope is that these videos help demystify the process and make individuals feel safe enough to come forward. Reporting doesn’t have to be done alone. There are many people that are here to support individuals throughout every step of this process.



Courtney Oliver (BYS)

This is a great opportunity for community members to understand how to walk through a sexual assault situation and obtain resources to serve our youth in a productive way.”

Our Staff (Bainbridge Community Foundation)

As an organization, we would like to validate that sexual abuse and assault is scary for victims and secondary victims. We want to make this a truth that all support systems in our communities can embrace so they can hold space for our victims. As a community, we need to not be scared to talk about it."