Kitsap Sexual Assault Center

Kitsap Sexual Assault Center provides the following services for victims of rape and sexual abuse and their non-offending family members free of charge, recent or past sexual assault or abuse:

24-Hour Crisis and Support Hotline:

Access support and information 24 hours a day by calling toll-free at 1-866-831-2050

or within Kitsap County at 360-479-8500.

Medical Advocacy:

When you arrive at Harrison Hospital Emergency Room request an advocate for in-person support 24 hours a day.

Law Enforcement Support:

Call the hotline to have an advocate arrange a meeting with law enforcement or when you arrive at the station, request an advocate to meet you for in-person support 24 hours a day.

Legal Advocacy:

Advocates always support the victim's choice regarding reporting to law enforcement. While advocates do not provide legal advice they can provide information about the legal system and are available to accompany and support the victim and victim's family throughout the legal process.

General Advocacy:

Address Confidentiality:

The Address Confidentiality Program is a records protection and address forwarding service in Washington State. ACP is used as part of an overall safety plan to prevent perpetrators from locating participants throughout public records such as driver licenses, voter registries and marriage records. KSAC has employees that are certified and trained as application assistants to help answer questions and file paperwork.


Offering therapy to children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced any type of sexual trauma during their lives.

Kitsap Sexual Assault Center

KSAC’s mission is to provide guidance and empowerment, without prejudice, to those impacted by sexual assault and violent crimes through ethical and compassionate advocacy and therapeutic services.






24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline:


24-Hour Crime Victim Hotline:


Need Help? Call today to complete a referral for services with a staff member at 360.876.3282 or our 24 hour support service line at 866.831.2050

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